Never be out of charge with this clever portable charging case.

It’s a very functional design with 5 slots that holds 3 x spare cartridges, 1 x assembled cartridge and battery and a charging slot to charge 1 x K7 battery on the go. Being able to charge 4 batteries before the case requires recharging you have the peace of mind that you will always have a spare charge

It is premium quality, has a strong top hinge and being made of a rubber compound has an anti slip quality. Available in matt black only


What are the differant slots for

Facing the case

Far right                          For battery and cartridge assembled

2nd from the right            Only Charging Slot. Insert thread end down

3rd from the right            Spare cartridge

4th from the right            Spare cartridge

How to Charge Portable Charging Case?

  1. Charge Personal Charging  case by mini USB cable supplied connected to Wall Charger
  2. Charge case for 4-5 hours , when fully charged the red charging light on the side of the case will be illuminated. Once fully charged red light will go out
  3. A fully charged case will charge each K7 series battery about 4 times before the case will require a recharge. The red light on the side of the case will flash when case requires charging.

How to Charge K7 batteries in the Portable charging case ?

  1. There is no turning or screwing of the battery requires. This is simply push and place
  2. Insert the battery slowly and gently into the charging slot by pushing the thread end down (2nd SLOT on the right hand side of the case facing the case) until you feel it connect with the charging socket  . At this time the LED tip light on the battery will be illuminated indicating it is charging
  3. The LED tip light of the battery will remain on whist charging
  4. When the LED tip light of the battery is not illuminated whilst in the charging slot , it means K7 battery is fully charged
  5. When you remove battery from slot and it flashes 3 x times this means it is charged

No red light at all on the side of the case ?

This is normal

This light will only be illuminated whilst the case is charging or a battery is being charged in the charging slot. Otherwise it will not be illuminated

Which is the Charging slot of the case ?

There is only one slot that will charge the battery. That is the 2nd slot on the right hand side when you are facing the case



Why does the battery tip light flash ?

For two reasons:

If the battery is fully charged it will flash quickly 3 x times when you remove it from the charging slot

It will flash also when you are actually using it vaping. This means the battery requires immediate charging